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How did i manage to do that?

Short recap now, long recap later. I keep saying that...

Sunday evening i decided to take a nap since i was planning on doing both malediction and wumpskate in the next two days. I went to sleep at 6, intending to get up at 9, but was woken up at 7:30 by the phone. I answered it expecting it to be a telemarketer and be really annoyed, but it was the red cross asking for donations. They said they were doing a blood drive in pomona on monday and wanted to know if i was available. I asked what time they were open and he said till 6:30 or so. 6:30 is usually about when i leave work, no way i could be home by that time without a major effort, so i asked about donating in Long Beach. He said i could go in to their Long Beach one on the 12th, and i made an apointment for 6:45 pm. Right after hanging up the phone i realized that would mean donating blood after two nights staying up late with a low amount of sleep. Crap. But i didn't want to worry about it then so i just crawled back into bed and it took me far too long to get back to sleep.

So sunday night i went out to Malediction. Didn't see the people i was hoping to see since they appraently got there early and left early, but had fun.

Monday evening i got a call late in the afternoon from girl A asking about Wumpskate, which i had mentioned to her on saturday. She seemed to think that i had invited her to come, which i hadn't specifically, but only because i usually avoid inviting individuals to things since i worry it might be a kind of guilt-trip thing. So i wasn't unhappy at all that she'd chosen to interpret me mentioning Wumpskates existance as an invitation :) Then Morna IMed me asking if i wanted to hang out for a little bit that evening before going to Wumpskate and i said yes, then as i was heading out girl A called back and asked if i could pick up her and a friend of hers on the way instead of meeting them there, which i was happy to do.

So had dinner with Morna and hung out for a bit before going to Wumpskate with two cute girls, which was lots of fun. Unfortunatly i didn't get to meet industrialbchic at Wumpskate since she had to cancel out. Clearly this is a bad week for pre-arranged plans and a good week for spur of the moment stuff.

So i got about three or four hours of sleep both sunday and monday night. I was pretty dead tuesday morning but was feeling better in the afternoon. I called up the blood drive place to confirm my apointment and asked them if sleep dep would be a problem. They said if i felt tired i should skip it but if i felt fine it was okay, so i decided to go in. Drank lots of water, had some fruit bars as a snack an hour or two beforehand, and then stopped by jamba juice and got a small drink on the way down. I figured i should be pleanty hydrated and sugared.

And then i failed the "hematocrit" test =P

I'm leaning towards the feeling that there must be something wrong with the machine. Instead of the normal drop it in blue stuff thing, they had a little centrifuge with some kind of scanner attached to the front. After letting the pipet spin for a bit she put it in the scanner thing and then started complaining bitterly about how much the machine sucked. You have to run the scanning bit manualy across the pipet or something, and she was saying it was always catching and moving the tube and generating error messages. Finally on the third our fourth try she got it to scan and it said i was 36%. You need to be 38% to donate, and apparently if you're _below_ 36% you're supposed to panic and go see a doctor or something.

However i've never had any problem with the iron test/blood count/whatever before, i'm male, i eat far too much meat for my own good, and i get at least some exercise. So i'm disinclined to be impressed with the results of a single test on a machine that is apparently well known by the users for being a tempermental thing with frequent read errors. So i'll make a little effort to eat more irony stuff, maybe, but i'm not going to worry about it too much unless i fail again when i go back. Whenever that is. The person told me i should come back in a few weeks, the informational piece of paper she handed me said i should come back in a few months =P
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