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I went to see The Musketeer last night with Allyn since the movie theatres were doing their benefit day thing. is a cool site, but their scores really need to be taken with a grain of salt. You can generally trust the good scores, but sometimes everyone seems to get on a really negative kick and slam a movie that doesn't really deserve it.

The Musketeer got 17%. I was kind of suspicious of such a low number though and Allyn wanted to see it, so we went ahead.

Perhaps my perceptions were modified because I didn't go in expecting great things, but it seemed like a decent movie to me. There were some bad lines, and some scenes that really should have been reedited with a different cut, but overall it was fairly enjoyable.

I checked back with RottenTomatoes today, and they gave Planet of the Apes 47%! Clearly something is out of whack.

Perhaps it was because I was expecting more from Planet of the Apes. I'd heard some bad reviews before I went to see it, but my original hopes had been very high, so who knows how it balances out. I can say that whether or not my reaction was affected by my original expectations, I would rewatch Planet of the Apes, but only for the special effects, and to laugh at the plot holes. There was no cohesive story or development or anything. The Musketeer may have used cliched plot devices, but at least it had them.

I'll grant that some of the fight scenes are a little ludicrous in their choice of locales. (If someone is slimbing up a rope, why would you go down another rope to fight him instead of just cutting his rope?) however I would far rather grant them leeway for the purpose of setting up great fight scenes then allow them to get away with mutilating all character motivation and having people do things for no particular reason whatsoever.

At least one of those two scores is severely off from where it should be. If anything, I would say that they should be swaped with each other, though I'm not sure if I would rate Planet of the Apes that low. I don't know why The Musketeer reviews are almost universily filled with bile, while some of The Planet of the Apes reviews are glowing about how wonderful the plot is and how it blows the old version away.

I wonder if people are just so taken in by special effects that their brains just turn of? I don't expect genius from the movies, but thinking "that didn't make any sense at all!" for most of a movie really detracts from the experience for me.

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