DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Ack, i need to figure out what i'm doing this weekend. The only thing i'm _sure_ of is that i'm going to Malediction sunday night. Doubly so because i can sleep in monday morning :)

I'm going to Anime Expo for at least one day this weekend, probably two. I'm trying to figure out if i want to go friday or not. I'm interested in the Anime Music Video competition, but that's one of the few events you need to get tickets for, and the only way (well, the only way that is feasible for me) to get tickets is to go wait in line at some particular place at 1pm on the day of the event.

Unfortunatly i don't have that day off so in order to do that i'd have to take a very long lunch and drive down to anaheim to get the tickets, then go back to work, then possibly leave work early so i could make it back to anaheim in time for the actual showing. I haven't been able to find out from the website when exactly the showing is, but i'm _guessing_ it will be in the evening.

If i decide that's too much trouble i could hang out with people friday night or go to Das Bunker or Sexbeat. If i don't go clubbing friday night then i could go to Dungeon after the con on saturday, but that wouldn't work exceptionaly well since Anaheim is almost as far from LA as home is. (Of course for that matter so is Long Beach, but who's counting? =P)

Well in any case, if anyone who isn't off to a wedding or whatever wants to hang out this weekend you should let me know. I've got three full days to spread Anime Expo over so i'll have free time if anyone wants it, i'll just need to schedule it slightly ahead of time :)

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