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On becoming an unintended object lesson in gender something-or-other

In my post about the AIDS walk i forgot about the most amusing thing that happened.

After parking in the parking structure i ended up walking towards the registration area next to a woman with a young kid (two? three? four? i have no idea) in a stroller. She asked if i was there for the walk and i said yes, and she said she was too. She said she'd brought the stroller in case the kid got tired of walking. I was amused that it hadn't even started yet and the kid was already in the stroller and said that it was only going to get more difficult from here on, and she said that as long as she didn't end up having to carry him it was all good. At that point i checked the time and realized i was running late so i started walking ahead.

So as i was pulling away i heard the kid ask if i was a guy or a girl. She told him i was a guy. Then the kid said "he has long hair," (possibly preceded by a "but," if not it was sort of implied) and i could have sworn she said back "he has beautiful hair," which was rather surprising. My hair isn't that nice and it didn't seem to make much sense in response to what the kid said anyways, but after that she started explaining to him that some guys have long hair just like some girls have short hair, which was about the point i got out of earshot.

I don't know why but i was very amused by the whole thing :)

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