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Partial week recap


Morna had been planning on hanging out with me thursday night at my place (i'm not sure if i'd been informed of this or not, but that's not really important =) but i got a call from her wenesday evening saying something horible had happened to her car. Something involving the wheels doing weird things and tons of smoke coming out and the need to take it into a repair place.

So since she and Bricriu would be hampered by having to share one car between them sher decided it would be easier to hang out her place that night than my place the next night. So i headed up to pasadena and met her about 7:50. She was wondering what to do for dinner so i mentioned that cwendy41 had just recomended an italian place to me called "Tarantino's" which did all you can eat calzones on wednesday nights.

Right after we headed off Monra got a call from Bricriu who was still at work but felt like doing dinner, so we told him where we were heading and figured on meeting him there. We found the place and parked and waited five or so minutes for Bricriu to show up. Apparently you get salad with whatever you order, or at least with the specials, which was pretty good. Morna and i got the Calzone which was very good and Bricriu got the.. Stomboli i think maybe? Bricriu decided to head home since Morna and i both wanted to get a second calzone. I figured there wasn't much point going to the all you can eat night if you only had one :)

Afterwards we went back to her place and started to watch the Usual Suspect which they'd gotten on Netflix, but within twenty or thirty minutes Morna was begining to fall asleep so she decided we should stop and i headed home.


Not much interesting going on thursday. Ended up going on a jamba juice run for maggiedacatt, ceph, cwendy41 and myself since no one felt like doing lunch. Um, that's pretty much it i think. Wemt home and went to bed earlyish that night.


Got up at 5 so i could do laundry, then left at about 7:30 so i could stop by the insurance place and renew my car insurance. Unfortunatly when i got there i found that they weren't open at 8 =P I wasn't willing to wait around till 9, especially since they didn't actually have their hours listed, so i headed straight off to work and at least i got there at 9 so it wasn't a complete waste.

I was thinking about taking a short lunch so i could leave at 5:30 but people were actually interested in doing lunch that day, which was better than getting to leave early. I got shown where a strip mall is that has both an indian place and a japense place, so i've got two now places to go for lunch now, yay! :)

The Diplomacy turn was very interesting to me and the other six players, but hearing about it would bore almost everyone else :)

2gouda4u responded to my post asking about handing out and said that she and thegreatgonz were interested in doing a movie. After trading some emails and cell phone calls we decided to do Batman Begins at the Irvine Spectrum at 8:00. Since they were doing gym stuff from 6:30 to 7:30 and didn't really matter that i wasn't able to leave till 6 anyways. Actually i ended up sticking around till 6:30 so i could leach off the net and then headed down to the Spectrum. I didn't get there till about 7:20 because of traffic and it was 7:30 at the point i got to the theatre, but that's okay cause 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz were about ten or fifteen minutes late anyways :) I spent the time playing Wario Ware Touched since i'd thought to bring my DS along.

As previously stated, the movies was great. There were ninjas and stuff. And cool gadgets.

After the movie the three of us discussed it briefly while heading towards our cars and then went our respective ways. I got home about 11:30 and was in bed at midnight.

Saturday: Long Beach AIDS Walk:

Got up at 6, took a shower, did some LJ stuff, then spent far too long trying to figure out how to get to where i was going. The webpage had a maps page, but it presumed that you were coming from nearby and already knew your way around generaly, it just said something like "we're at the Pike mall" =P

I found a subpage that listed the intersection as South Pine and Shoreline. However as jmpava said, it was confusing to have a place called "the Pike" located on Pine. I couldn't remember if Moogle could handle intersections or not and decided it couldn't when it failed the first time. But then it failed to find the one street all by itself and i realized i'd been trying to search for "South Pike" rather than "South Pine" =P So once i fixed that the intersection search worked fine.

It was a little silly to be searching for directions for someplace so close to work, but the last time i tried to go to downtown Long Beach i got really confused trying to get off the 710, so i wanted specific directions. I headed off slightly later than i'd been intending, about 8:30, but traffic was fairly reasonable and it was about 9:10 by the time i was getting close to where i was supposed to be getting off the 710.

Well i was right about the 710 being confusing, but the directions didn't really help much. I wanted the Shoreline exit, but all of the sudden the entire freeway split with two, the right half was to Queen Mary something or other, and the left half was to something else, and _neither_ said anything about Shoreline. After wavering for a bit i finally decided on the left path, and shortly _after_ the point of no return i saw an exit sign which listed Shoreline as a half mile away, woot! But then it did it again! The whole "exit ramp" split into two, with two signs neither of which said anything about Shoreline. I decided to go left again and this time i choose poorly it seems, since i ended up on a street entirely unrelated to Shoreline. However i figured i was probably north of where i wanted and probably parallel to it, so i kept going till i saw Pine and turned down it and found the place after a few blocks.

I parked in the structure and headed off to the registration. We were supposed to meet "around 9" and i got there a few minutes after 9:15, but the only people there so far was the person organizing it and her fiance. I said hi so they'd know i was there and got in line for registration. Apparnetly i picked the _wrong_ line. I was waiting line for about ten minutes without it moving at all when i ended up progressing a little by the expedient of several people in front of me bailing and going to a different line =P I'd apparently gotten there during a slight lull and by this point all the lines were much longer, though the other ones were moving faster, so i was torn as to whether i should try another line or stick it out.

While i was waiting a couple other people from our group showed up, and then i was slightly suprised to see jmpava and coraa and ceph and her boy show up. They foolishly tried to get in the same line i was in, so i directed them to another line. In fact just about the point they switched lines the "pet walker" registers ran out of people and started doing normal registrations so they ended up going straight to that very short line. However it turns out that such shenanigans were actualy the source of my own difficulties. They apparently had so many groups registering that they had decided to switch over some of the individual walker lines to handle them... without telling the people who ended up getting in line after that. The two or three people at the front of the line were actually registering a group with about 30 people in it, which involved filling out 30 forms. The people between me and them, who had early been complaining about having been in line for almost an hour, were also part of a group and wanted to register i don't know how many people. So the girl standing behind me who was much more assertive than i went up and talked to the people doing the registration and convinced them to start shunting the individual walkers in our line to the next registration person over. So after the next person there finished it was my turn and after about 30 minutes of waiting in line it took me about two minutes to finish since i'd registered online ahead of time. All in all very poor organization.

Everyone else finished up just about the point i did so we joind everyone else, then wandered off to get free (and incredibly bitter since it was from starbucks) coffee and water and look at some of the booths and came back, and then we all headed off to the starting area. It was very crowded there of course and our group kind of fractured at that point. I stuck with jmpava and coraa and ceph and her boy since i obviosuly knew them a lot better than the others and hoped they didn't mind. We stood around talking for fifteen or so minutes while someone gave some kind of speach or something, we couldn't actualy hear what was being said over everyone talking around us, so we just talked to each other and helped make it more difficult for everyone else to hear too :)

After awhile they started us off and we all started moving, and before we'd gone 50 feet some official ran up and made us all stop again. I don't know why we started or why we stopped, but it was all rather silly. After another five or so minutes they started us again and this time actually let us keep walking :) So we walked down the beach for a ways, presumably 2.5 km, and enjoyed the scenery and talked about random things, then for the second half we went inland a few blocks and walked back along some street or other. Jmpava pointed out that although walking along the beach is nice and all, it would have been a lot more effective publicity if we'd been going along a route with more people.

A little over an hour later we were back where we started. The others wanted to go to a nearby Islands for breakfast/lunch so i tagged along. We had yummy food and talked for awhile and afterwards they decided to head home. Since i hadn't gotten any calls from anyone wanting to hang out i headed home as well. I decided to take a slightly roundabout route and go by the insurance place since it was just barely into the afternoon, and it turns out they were actually open! So i've got car insurance for another year now. I was still a little hungry and thirsty, since i hadn't had any breakfast that morning, so i stoped by the Jamba Juice that was right there and then continued on home. Ended up falling asleep on the couch for a couple hours and now i'm pretty much just killing time till 9 or so when i can head off to dungeon.

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