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So i'm still working on the huge long post about the weekend trip, however i figured i'd post one odd thing now.

Two weeks ago at ceph and jmpava's party ceph's boy thought i'd gotten my hair cut. I said i hadn't and he said he was sure it looked shorter. The only think i could figure out was that i'd had a shower a couple hours earlier, and usually when i run into him it's sometime in the evening, at least 12 hours since i showered in the morning, and frequently at a club where my hair is rather dank and limp from lots of physical exertion. So since my hair tends to be lighter and a little wavy right after a shower (well, right after it dries right after a shower) it might look shorter then.

Then this sunday sithjawa also thought i'd gotten a haircut, so i told her no. She said that she thought i looked different than normal, and at first she thought that my hair was shorter. Then she said i looked like i could be a prof, but she wasn't sure of what. She finally decided i might be a mad scientist prof who blows things up and tells strange stories. I guess if i was going to be a prof that would be an okay kind to be, but i'm still a little disturbed.

So i guess i haven't been looking like myself lately or something =P

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