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Emotionally i'm feeling pretty good today, so far at least, but mentally i'm really out of it. As particularly emphasized by me completly screwing up my Diplomacy turn today =P My ally didn't catch the problem either, but it was my plan and the situation wasn't that complex so he wasn't really checking it that thoroughly. I feel really stupid for screwing up something that should have been so simple. So okay, _other_ than that feeling farily happy.

I remember some theory, though i don't know how well it has been tested, that how braindead you are during the day depends not on how much sleep you got the night before, but on how much sleep you got the night before that. I got about three hours of sleep saturday night in two chunks and felt mentally fine all sunday. I suppose it's possible that i was sleep depped and not running on all wheels, but i _felt_ fine.

So last night i got about fiveish hours of sleep, and my brain is all fuzzy. Strangely i've gotten more work done this morning than on most days but it's all kind of rote stuff and my head feels like crap.

Of course i suppose one could just as easily argue that i didn't get enough sleep either night, however i had some reserves of sleep that kicked into play on sunday but which are exhausted now.

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