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Well i've made a new traffic school apointment for July 9th, so i can go to Alpine Butterfly next week if i decide i want to, so now i just need to decide if i want to or not.


This friday was the fried fish lunch again, so i was hoping to go elsewhere with people for food, maybe even getting some pizza. Unfortunatly various people had plans so no large group was able to get together. Some people were going off to a mediteranian place and offered to take orders, so i asked for a beef shwerma sandiwich since the place was kind of far away and i needed to be around for at least some of lunch for Diplomacy.

Not that being around did me much good, Italy assured me everything was fine, promised not to invade me, and then invaded =P

No one wanted to do anything after work so i decided to do the clubbing thing. Hung out at work till 7:30 to use the net, then went off to the Red Brick pizza place and had a salad and breadsticks. Got the oriental chicken salad which was pretty good except for the part where they ignored me request for no peppers =P

Went to the coffee shop afterwards and had a mocha smoothe thing and a chai while reading Mercedes Lackey's "Sanctuary" which i'd just started the night before. I finally headed off to the club about 9:45.

I'd decided to try a slightly different route this time and too the 710 up rather than going over to the 110. It worked fine for awhile, but then there got to be some traffic. Then some more. Pretty soon i was going at a crawl. I decided at this point it was time to abort, and started moving over to the right lane to exit when i saw we were getting near the 42 and a quick check at the Thomas Guide showed it went through to the 110. (I had _pleanty_ of time to do that safely while waiting for the cars in front of me to move.) However the closer i got to the exit the slower everyone went. Pretty soon i realized that the left lanes were being shut down as we progressed, and finally just when i got to the exit i realized that _all_ the lanes were shut down and everyone was being forced off at that exit. I apparently decided one street too late that it was time to bail =P

So i drove west to the 110, which took some time on surface streets, then up the usual route and found quite a bit of traffic when it got to the 10, which was expected, and then quite a bit of traffic at the exit for the 5, which wasn't expected. Then when i actually got onto the 5 i found that _that_ was slow too! I finally parked near the club at 11:45, two hours after i'd left Long Beach =P

I was kind of worried that after going to all that trouble that things would be lackluster at the club like last time, however when i got inside i found that there were about twice as many people as the previous week and lots of them dancing, yay! The music selection was also a lot better as well. Since i'd gotten there late i only took one short break in the middle and spent the entire rest of the time dancing, and generally had a pretty good time which almost made up for the rest of the day.

After it closed at 2 i headed straight home, did a quick check of email and LJ and was in bed by 4 since i needed to be up at a reasonable time on saturday.


Got up a little before 11, did some laundry took a shower, did random net stuff, and was ready to head off to ceph and jmpava's party by about 1:15.

Since i hadn't had breakfast yet i had decided to take the 10 west instead of the 210 and stop at a jamba juice on the way. This was obviously the weekend for traffic, cause the 10 sucked. Luckily the 605 and the 91 and the 110 weren't too bad, so i ended up at the party about 3.

Aside from my usual social ineptness the party was fun. Got to see some people i hadn't seen in quite awhile. Managed to leech on to a couple interesting conversations. People started drifting off about 8 or 9, and the dungeon person ive been emailing with said that she and her friend were going to be there tonight, so when it got down to about 10 people left at 10:30 or so i decded to head off.

This time the drive went pretty well. However in karmic retribution for the drive Dungeon itself was kind of eh. They'd added an extension to the stage in the downstairs dance floor which took a big bite out of the dancing area. Of course it wasn't a problem if you're the type willing to dance on stage, but that's a fairly small fraction of the people. So the dance floor was rather crowded, and there seemed to be a higher than usual percentage of annoying and pushy people there. The music mix was kind of mediocre too, but i was afraid to cut out to the goth room during the less interesting songs because i wanted to hold onto a spot on the floor rather than have to fight later to get it back. And if the two people did show up i didn't see them around anywhere. I hung around outside for about five or ten minutes after closing but didn't see them there either. Would have been better off sticking around at the party. Oh well.

Drove home and hit del taco on the way, then ate and poked at the net and read for awhile before bed.


Apparently there was an earthquare sometime early this morning. (By early i mean between 8 and 9 =) I got woken up by something this morning, but i don't know what time, and it could have been an earthquake, or my cat, or some people talking loudly outside, or who knows what. In any case i went back to sleep until 11.

Got up and found that i had two messages on OkCupid. When i saw that i figured it _had_ to be something like friends requests, since there's no way i'd actually get two really messages in so short a time. I found that i was mostly right, OkCupid has added this thing where when you write a quiz you can have it notify everyone in your friends network. Despite the fact i had basically guessed what it was it was still disapointing to find out i was right =P I wonder if there's a way to turn such messages off.

Spent most of the day so far reading and talking to a couple people on IM. Should probably do some chores. I'm also thinking of going to the Hat to get some chili cheese fries for dinner.

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