DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Amusing bit of synchornicty in books:

I finished up Dies the Fire yesterday, and of course i'm also listening to an audio book on the way too and from work. Currently that audio book is Lynn Flewelling's "Luck in the Shadows." So in the same day i heard two references to something called a "take-down bow" which i had never heard of before. The idea is pretty simple, you take a bow and put some kind of socket in the middle so you can disasemble it into two halves for easy transport or concealment and put it back together again. I always figured that a bow had to be one continuous piece (well obviously not for composite bows, but that's in a different direction and makes sense and you can't disasemble them without wrecking them =P) or you'd lose a lot of the power, and that no one would ever use such a bow for combat or serious hunting. However either two authors did really crappy research (which seems very doubtfull in at least one of the cases) or cutting a bow in half and sticking it back together doesn't weaken it as much as i thought.

I'm in my usual friday dilema. I have nothing specific planed, so unless someone else comes up with something fun to do in the LA/OC area i'm just going to kill time for awhile after work and then go clubbing.

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