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Went to my sister's impromptu birthday party last night. Hung out Hung out with 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz and madduckdes and istgut and a friend of theirs while waiting for maggiedacatt and spaelar to finish car shopping. We randomly watched an episode of Sailor Moon and an episode of Marmelade Boy before they showed up and we headed off to dinner.

We'd decided to go to the Macaroni Grill which i'd never been to before. They have a really yummy appetizer type bread thing with olive oil and vinnegar. Most of us decided to do the make your own pasta thing which (at least for what i ordered) was reasonably good but not as good as the bread. The meat sauce was kind of weird and not very saucy.

After dinner we went back to my sister's apartment. Madduckdes and istgut and their friend headed off pretty soon after that but the rest of us sat around and talked till almost midnight.

I figured at that point i could head up to LA and get a little over an hour in at Dungeon. Unfortunatly i ran into traffic on the 110 because they'd closed down all but one lane for construction =P So i ended up getting there about 1:05 and it was about 1:10 before i got changed and got inside, so i made up for it by spending the entire time dancing in the industrial room. Didn't see either of the people i was talking to last week. Presumably the one i've been emailing with was off at the horror convention, not sure about the other.

Drove home and collapsed into bed about 4.

Got up today about 11. Saw sithjawa online so asked her if she was interested in doing sushi today, and she said she'd be up for doing that for lunch. We tried going to Tokyo Kitchen but it turns out they're not open for lunch on sundays =P So we ended up at the Samurai place on foothill.

I was very disturbed and unhappy to see that on the converyer belt thing they had little plates with tiny little _live_ crabs on them trapped under a plastic lid!! :( They were crawling around and bumping into each other and the lid and they looked soooo sad :( I was tempted to set them free except that the resturant would be very unhappy with me if i did that and it wouldn't do the crabs much good to be running about free inside a building. =/

After the sushi i dropped sithjawa off at her place and she loaned me a couple of Lois McMaster Bujold books which i should read as soon as i finish the stack of SFBC books.

So now i have nothing to do for the rest of the evening except read and figure out what to do for dinner =/

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