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I'm so bad :)

ack! no! stop getting distracted! back to reading! why am i so hyper? =P

Jmpava already got UHF, but other than that, in no particular order...

The Iron Giant, Cube, Contact, Final Fantasy, 2010, Demolition Man, Conspiracy Theory, Undercover Blues, Baraka, While You Were Sleeping, Laputa, Kiki's Delivery Service, Akira, L.A. Story, Goonies, Unbreakable, the Hobbit, Flight of Dragons, Waking Ned Devine, the Full Monty, Into the Woods, How I Got Into College, Time Bandits, Frequency, Transformers, Chocolat, Gattaca, Silent Running, Fantasia, the Scorpion King :) Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick (hmmm, suprised Maddiedacatt didn't add either of those ;)

Okay, i know there are others i want to list that aren't coming right off of the top of my head anymore, but i really need to stop now :) Anyone else who takes the quiz should feel free to steal from the above list if they wish :)

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