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ooohhh yay!

oohhh oohhh yay! Books! I have books!! The box from SFBC showed up today! :)

James Alan Garnder's "Radiant," S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire," Anne McCaffrey's "The Harper Hall of Pern" trillogy (which coincidentally happens to be one of the books people were talking about on sunday) Mercedes Lackey's "Sanctuary," Laurell K. Hamilton's "A Stroke of Midnight," and Charlaine Harris' "Dead by Day," which contains "Dead to the World" and "Dead as a Doornail."

shiiiny! So which do i start reading first? :) Of course i need to finish E.E. Knight's"Choice of the Cat" beforehand =P

Also coincidentally after i ordered the books from SFBC i found that Audible had just recently added "Dead as a Doornail" to their selection so i decided to get it just on the theory that it would encourage them to add more books like that in the future. Haven't decided if i'll listen to it or read it yet.

*bounce bounce* books!

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