DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I had a lot of strange dreams last night. Three or four of them I think.

The last or second to last one I had seemed to involve being part of a group at a camp or school or soemthing that wanted to win some tournament that involved a weird kind of ping pong game. At least it involved things that looked like pingpong balls, but they were in lots of different colors. There seemed to be a kind of Utena or Harry Potter feel to the situation, like there was more than just wining the competition at stake.

The other dream I had late in the night (again, I don't remember which was the one I woke up to and which was the one before) involved some kind of quest that I was on. I really don't remember too many details about this one unfortunatly, because when I woke up and actually remembered some of it at the time, I thought that it was really interesting.

As for the rest, when I woke up I had memories of the last two dreams, and the impression that there were others before them that were too hazy for any recolections.

Not sure why I had so many strange dreams that I remembered so well (for me, I usually don't remember much about my dreams at all) I might guess that it was from having gone clubbing, but I didn't have any dreams friday night when I was a lot more exhausted. I'm not sure if I was less tired last night because I didn't dance as hard, because I wasn't dancing for as long, or both.

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