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Sunday morning was cloudy, therefore the sun didn't wake me up. I din't remember any particularly loud noises, or the cat poking at my face, or anything else that should have woken me up. So why the hell, after getting to bed at 6am, did my body spontaneously decide that it _really_ wanted to be awake at 9am?

I lay there for awhile trying to get back to sleep with no luck. Then i tried the self-hypnosis thing which usually works and managed to kill off my body but my mind kept spinning in circles. Got some weird visual imagry, but no sleep. Finally Morna gave me a call at 10 to let me know she was heading over so i gave up on the whole sleep idea.

I took a shower while she was on the way over and sent an email to the two people from Dungeon last night, telling them about the evil club empire website and telling them they should send me an email or give me a call if they were going to one of the clubs tonight and i'd see if i could make it to. Morna and i went to the BC Cafe for breakfast, except we found that they had a 30 minute wait for two people, so we headed over to the Mimi's Cafe near her old apartment where we gotlucky and were able to grab two spots at the counter right away.

After eating we went to the apartment and started carrying out to the dumpster all the trash that had accumulated while we were packing stuff up last weekend. After we'd finished with that we moved the last few boxes of stuff out to Morna's car. Then came the really fun bit, actually cleaning =P I was given the choice of kitchen or bathroom and picked kitchen and then spent a long time scrubbing away at stuff. Other than for the inside of the refrigerator it wasn't too bad. We finished up all the scrubing, or at least as much as we had the motivation to care about, and mopped the floors and vacuumed the carpet and moved the last of the cleaning stuff out to her car about 3:30, right at the time we'd originally been planning for. Morna had promised to let me give her a backrub later, but by the time we were done with the cleaning she was feeling tired and just wanted to head home, so she owes me lots more later? ;)

I went home and say around for awhile and then decided to take another shower since i'd gotten preatty sweaty and grimey during the whole cleaning process. People were supposed to show up at maggiedacatt and sphaelar's at 7:30 for the harry potter parody thing. I figured it should take 45 minutes to get there so i actually planed ahead and left at 6:30, amazing thing that. I still hadn't gotten an email back from the Dungeon people by that point. I took my clubbing clothes along jus tin case everyone decided to crash right after the movie but didn't think i'd need to worry about it.

I ran into a pretty average amount of traffic and showed up at their place at 7:10, and was the first person to arrive! This was definitely a weekend for firsts :) 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz showed up exactly at 7:30, and the car of work people being piloted by jmpava showed up late at about 8:00, surprise surprise ;) We had some pizza and snacks and then started up the movie which was slightly difficult because you have to time the starting of the audio and the movie right, and was then made more difficult because the DVD player kept insisting on showing subtitles for some reason and it took us awhile to figure out how to kill them and we ended up needing to restart it again. Then about twenty minutes in someone accidently whacked the remote and desynched the video and we needed to fix it again, but luckily we managed to do so at one of the chapter breaks rather than going all the way back to the begining :)

The movie was cool and very funny, especially when introducing characters or things. During action scenes he had a tendency to wander off on some tangent completly unrelated to what was going on which was sometimes funny and sometimes just weird. I wonder if he's done/is working on tracks for any of the other ones.

People seemed to be interested in sitting around and talking afterwards so i nixed the nascent clubbing plans. We started talking out about copyright and parody and the legality of various things, and it quickly morphed into a discussion about SF/fantasy books which was cool, i don't get to participate in discussions about books nearly often enough.

People finally started heading off betwen 1 and 1:30 i think. By the time i got home i was finally starting to feel tired so i crashed into bed pretty quickly and got about eight hours of sleep. Holidays are nice :)

So now i'm sitting around with nothing to do again. Should go get some food, should do chores. Should probably take a shower now so if iyindo does the star wars trip tonight and i get invited i can head out to LA as soon as i hear about it. Living far away from everyone is annoying =P

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