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I gave up on waiting for the SFBC box and started a new book, the next one in the Vampire Earth series or whatever it's called.

You know, i really hate it when the nth book in a series takes the (n-1)th book's romance and tosses it out the window right at the begining. It's a year or three later and "things didn't work out" and the character is all ready for a new romantic interest. Of course realistically that's the way life often works as my own romantic past exemplifies. Although i rather wish life _didn't_ work like that, which is perhaps why i dislike it so much when it happens in books which are supposed to be an escape from reality. As long as my life is going to be imitating art imitating life i wish i could be just as sure of finding a romance in the next "book" =P

Since no one has expressed interest in doing anything fun tonight i guess i shall try to make it out to Dungeon even though my throat is still a little sore. Of course i should get going really soon if i don't want to get there _too_ late.

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