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28 May 2005 @ 04:01 pm
It's a three day weekend and i have nothing to do for today and monday. I'm reluctant to start a new book because the spiffy cool new books should be showing up soon. Might do dungeon tonight if i'm feeling up to it this evening and i've gotten laundry done by then. Poked at sithjawa about doing sushi but she hasn't answered yet.

I did manage to kill some time with Rot3K7, and i'm annoyed at it again

I finished up my peacefull game. I didn't make a single invasion, i only got new territories by recruiting prefects and then anexing countries when they were small enough.

I got the last person down to one territory and then maxed out the safety, land and commerce of every other territory before anexing him.

I _still_ became a tyrant and china _still_ got invaded by barbarian hordes!

So how the hell else are you supposed to take over china such that you get a good ending? The only other thing i've thought of so far is to wait until my character dies off from old age and a new one takes over, i can then have that person conquer the last territory and see if it makes any difference.

I wonder if Koei has a comments/complaints email address where i can send them a nasty note about their obfuscated ending conditions =P

*sigh* should do laundry and clean up some, but that's even more boring than just sitting here staring at the computer
Current Mood: boredbored