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I got home from the Star Wars trip about midnight friday night/saturday morning. I happened to notice that sithjawa was on IM and on random impulse IMed her and asked if she'd been planning on going to maggiedacatt and sphaelar's party. She said she was interested but didn't have a ride. Since i'd originally poked at her to see if she needed a ride that worked out well :)

Got up around 11ish saturday morning and spent several hours vegging. Then went over to morna and bricriu's place at 3 to help them pack stuff up. Theoretically we were supposed to start putting stuff in the van, but all we managed that day was to pack lots of things in boxes. I had to leave around 6 so i could go home and shower and then pick sithjawa up.

Since i was running kind of late we didn't get there till about 8:45, but there weren't too many people there yet so it wasn't too bad. Amusingly sphaelar had actually thought about calling me to see if i could give sithjawa a ride and had been talking to other people about it (just maggiedacatt before the party? or other people at the party?,) but since he thought of it at the last minute he didn't actually follow through on the idea. So they were all very suprised when i showed up with her in tow :) Cearly _someone_ is psychic, but i'm not sure who or in exactly what way :)

Party was good, especially the begining bits and ending bits when there weren't many people. There were about a dozen people there when we showed up, and the whole group was pretty much focused on one conversation so i was able to keep up with things more or less. After another half hour or so more people started showing up and everyone fragmented into different conversational groups. I of course ended up right in the middle of a conversational boundary, there were one or two groups on my left, two groups on my right, and a group behind me, so i got rather twitchy trying to pay attention to any one group.

Somewhere in the middle of my social floundering sithjawa wandered up and suprise poked me, so i counter-attacked and we got into a brief tickle war and then i gave her some scritches afterwards to make up for it, which was a nice distraction for a bit. After awhile of talking and drinking stuff and eating ice cream people started heading home and the social chaos reduced to a manageable level. I think the last of us headed off about 2am. I dropped sithjawa off at her place and then went home and crashed pretty soon since i was supposed to be helping morna and bricriu some more the next day.


I got to their (old) place a little before one, almost an hour after i was supposed to get there =/ We packed stuff for a couple hours, then took a break to go to Costco to get more boxes of boxes, then came back and packed some more. Then we started carrying stuff down to the van. We did that pretty constantly from about 3 to 6. Then we took a break for about an hour to go have dinner at a chinese buffet place. We went back and moved boxes and furniture for another few hours before we were finished up there and headed out to their new place. We then spent another 2ish hours after we got there unpacking everything. We finished up about midnight and immediatly afterwards i collapsed to the floor and just lay there for about an hour. I finally headed home about 1am but when i got home i was too sore and hyper to get to sleep till about 4.

Wow, describing that day was _so_ much shorter than having to live through it =P

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