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Oh god i'm sore. It's been a very busy weekend which i should post about later, but i _should_ be getting to sleep now. However i've got that same kind of post-clubbing high energy level that keeps me from wanting to sleep. I'm actually considering just staying up all night, but that would probably be a bad thing. However if i do sleep i either need to take a shower beforehand or i need to crash on the couch, cause i'm way too slimy at the moment to feel like getting into bed.

Part of me just wants to not move at all, and part of me really wants to go clubbing since i ended up with the same kind of feeling but with no actual dancing. Obviously those two parts are in conflict. It's probably just as good that no clubs are open at this point so i don't need to actually make any decisions about what to do, cause my legs keep trying to cramp up. Speaking of which, i'm sure it surprises no one but it's difficult to drive when your legs are cramping.

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