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I seem to have miscalculated how much overtime i had this week. I had one hour and forty-five minutes extra this morning rather than the one hour and fifteen i was expecting, so now i get to kill some time for a bit before leaving to go see Star Wars with people.

For some reason i've been feeling happier and bouncier lately than usual. Right at the moment that may very well in part have to do with having drunk over a litre of diet coke today *twitch twitch* I had a couple cups at lunch and since there was lots left over at the end i grabbed a 2L bottle that was a little over half full at the time and is now almost completly empty :)

But in general it's been a pretty good week as well.

Checked another chunk of code in yesterday. It's always nice to feel at least somewhat productive, even if i spend far too long banging my head against things like BYTEs and strings and BSTRs and CComBSTRs.

E3 was this week, and although it's kinda depressing that this is the second year in a row that i'm not going it's still been fun to see all the news from it.

Went to the Final Fantasy concert on monday with people. Am going to see Star Wars tonight with people. Got invited to join a long-term Diplomacy game at work. (I think it's supposed to be a turn-a-day type thing though we're a little slow getting started.) Got invited to a party this saturday and got invited to another party a few weeks from now. Yay lots of socialness! Not that i expect it to last, but i'll try and enjoy it while it does :)

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