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Liu Zhang is a dork, he's a big fat dork, he's the biggest dork in the whole wide world.

Actually, he's rather a small dork at this point, but still very annoying

I've been progressing with my plan to peacefully conquer the world, or at least ancient china. I've expanded out of my starting SW corner, mostly at the expense of Liu Zhang. A lot of the other bit players have been wiped out. Currently the person covering most of the map is, suprise suprise, Cao Cao. Ma Teng is in the very north of the map with the second largest set of cities and is making a valiant fight against Cao Cao. Sun Ce has a couple cities in the SE. Some poor guy (Liu Qi maybe?) is stuck in the middle of everything with about three cities. Cao Cao has kind of stalled because i've recruited a lot of his decent generals (but not the _really_ good ones i want to get like Lu Bu and Guan Yu.)

Liu Zhang is my latest target of conquest^W peacefull assimilation. However he refuses to surrender to me.

This makes no sense. I have reduced him to one territory. I have six. His territory is surrounded on three sides by my terriroties. His fourth side is the edge of the map. I have stolen all his officers. He has one left, himself. I have 76. He has 20,000 troops, the most he can command by himself. I'm slightly over 500,000 troops. I've raised my leader's bond with him to 100. I've rasied my realm's relationship with his to 100. Through spy-ops i've reduced the safety and defenses of his city to zero.

Despite all this every time i try the Anex command my Warlord says something like "He's still very strong, i don't think he will surrender," and if ignore my Warlord's advice and try it anyways Liu Zhang tells me to go to hell.

I have had to institute draconian policies in my provinces because my prefects keep trying to invade Liu Zhang on their own. They kick his ass of course, but i'm trying to win peacefully so i reset and force the settings for the latest offending province to "Domestic."

My choices at this point seem to be, hope he decides to surrender to someone else and gets made prefect so i can recruit him. Open up a pathway through my territory so Cao Cao can get to him and conquer him for me and i can then recruit whatever prefect gets placed in charge. Assign about six officers to hem him in and just ignore him and move on to assimilating Cao Cao until i'm finally large enough that Liu Zhang is forced to admit that he's toast.

You've got to give the guy credit for guts, but not much else.

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