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I am weak

Does anyone know a _good_ way to convert a BYTE* to a CComBSTR and back again?

I can do it by memcpying to a char* first and converting _that_ to a CComBSTR, but that's kinda dumb.

In other news, i just bought a lot of books :)

I've been waiting for a long time for James Alan Gardner's "Radiant" and S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire" to come out, and complained about the wait rrepeatedly in the meantime :)

So yesterday i got an email from SFBC saying they were doing a 24 hour 2 for 1 sale. I immediatly thought of those two books and SFBC followed it up by listing some of their new books, including the newest book in Mercedes Lackey's dragon-jousting series (the one that starts out as a Jane Yolen look-alike,) and Laurel K. Hamilton's "A Stroke of Midnight"

I wasn't able to resist the combined temptation, so i logged on last night and got those four and while doing so saw that they had an omnibus of the two latest books in Charlaine Harriis' Southern Vampire Mysteries series. So after adding that i needed to add a sixth book so i could get it for free. I eventually decided on an omnibus of Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall trillogy since i was being annoyed a few months ago about not having them.

With shipping it came out to $52. About $8.50 per physical book and $5.75 per published book. So around the same price i would have paid for paperbacks at Borders, but without the wait. However it was still kind of silly, because i may feel compelled to get some of the ones i really like again in paperback later :)

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