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It's too damn hot. Well, it was yesterday anyways. I have no idea what the temperature was like outside, but it was way too high inside my apartment.

I'm usually pretty good about dealing with cold, except for right after i've eaten something, but i'm not so good at hot. I don't like getting all sweaty and sticky (well, not from the climate anyways) and i'm just generally less able to ignore it.

I was doing okay during the day, but when i'm trying to get to sleep and i'm lying in bed naked spread-eagled with no comforter and it _still_ feels too hot i get a bit annoyed. Not annoyed enough to actually turn on the AC, but still annoyed :)

I'm supposed to be in the middle of what is effectively a desert, isn't it supposed to get cold at night? Apparently my apartment has magic one-way insulation which doesn't do much to keep the heat out during the day but which is happy to retain it during the night =P

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