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I was thinking about going to in-n-out for dinner tonight, but i missed the Fruit exit cause i wasn't paying attention. Then i decided to go to the Quiznos in the dollar store mall area, and foudn that it has closed :(

So then i decided to go to the village and get something to eat there. I stopped by the bank for some cash and then decided i should give the Indian place another try. I discovered that the chicken tiki masala was much better than it had been, back to as good as it originally had been in fact. I mentioned this to the guy and he said that a couple months ago they had a new guy that they were trying to train but that he was never able to get the hang of it and they had to let him go. Perhaps that explains it. I also tried a new yellowish curry which i'd never seen before and didn't like it very much. Oh well, the tiki masala more than made up for it :)

I went by DVDPlanet last friday and found that they were having a sale on all used anime, $5 per DVD. The selection was very random so i went through and mostly grabbed the first couple disks of anything that looked interesting which i haven't seen before:

The Big O - Volume 1. I saw a couple episodes on the Cartoon Network. Looked okay but not great. But hey, it was just $5 :)
Sorcerer Hunters - Volumes 1 & 2. I couldn't remember if this was the one with people searching for particular magical tatoos or not, and then decided no, that was probably Those Who Hunt Elves. Then decided it didn't matter if i could remember what it was about or not since they were just $5 each :)
Evangelion - Volumes 1 & 6. I've seen this of course and was figuring i should get the series at some point. For $5 each i figured it didn't matter if i acquired them in order or not :)
Sakura Diaries - Volume 2. Some famous relationshipy not-quite-hentai series. I actually picked up the first DVD awhile ago, also used, and never got around to watching it to see if it was crap or not, But for $5 i figured i might as well get the second one too :)
Boogiepop Phantom - Volume 1. I think i heard someone say something good about this. And hey, it was just $5. (Noticing a trend? =)
Argentosoma - Volume 3. I have Volume 1 and thought it was reasonably good, so i decided to gamble that it doesn't get horribly bad in Volume 2 and go ahead and get Volume 3 for just $5.
Urusei Yatsura - Volume 6. I don't think i have any of this on DVD already and just the first couple episodes on VHS, but hey, it's Urusei Yatsura. Skipping from 1 to 6 can't be any weirder than watching it in order :)
Slayers - The Motion Picture. I think i only got partway through the series before i loaned them to Caithris, but it seemed okay and lots of other people liked it, and it was just $5 :)

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