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More Star Wars geeking

While looking for scripts so i could find out exactly what Yoda said about Sith Lords i found the "78 reasons to hate Star Wars Episode 1" page. Obviously it focuses a bit more on the details than i did, but it is amusing. Linked to it is also 64 reasons to hate Episode 2, 12 nitpicks with Episode 4, 8 Nitpicks with episode 5, and 17 nitpicks with episode 6. I haven't actually looked at those pages yet though so i don't know if they're as good.

However this "50 Reasons why Return of the Jedi Sucks" page (from 2000) is also fairly amusing, especially since when looking back at it some of the problems with Episode 1 were rather ominously foretold.

Oh, and after reading the list i agree with the bit about "why do the battle droids talk to each other?" and the bit about how whenever some major piece of equipment fails they never have what they need to repair it, but if they need some little device to overcome a personal challenge they just _happen_ to have an underwater breather or a grappling hook gun or whatever.

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