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I just finished up listening to all three of the Earthsea trilogy books, prompted by watching the sci-fi channel show of it.

It seems like other than the race thing they were reasonably faithfull to the Wizard of Earthsea section of it, it was the Tombs of Atuan part that they really changed around. I do wonder why they didn't just do one movie per book rather than trying to combine them. In yet another weird bit of synchronicity about the time i was finishing up the Farthest Shore i happened to check my SFBC account and found that one of this month's special selections was an omnibus edition of the trilogy. I'm not going to be interested in reading it "again" really soon, but between the novelty and the fairly good dealness i decided to get it.

After finishing up the trilogy i moved on to "Have Spacesuit Will Travel." I liked the story but i wasn't so happy with the production. It's by some company called "Full Cast Audio" and apparently they decided they needed to justify their name. Instead of just doing a normal reading they decided to turn it into something halfway between an audio book and a radio drama. The only bit i didn't strongly disagree with was having a second, female, reader for the part of Peewee. Males seem to a do a crappy job of reading female parts more often than the inverse is true. However i didn't not appreciate the third, fourth, etc readers they had for bit parts. Nor the stupid sound effects and musical interludes they added. I especially didn't like the voice for the Mother-thing, which consisted of someone speaking while music was played over it. It may somewhat approximate what her voice was described as in the novel, but in practice it was annoying and made it hard to understand what she was saying at times. I still enjoyed the book, i just suffered through the presentation.

I'd also gotten "The Rollinng Stones" which Audible came out with at the same time so i stuck that next on the mp3 player, and when i finished "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" and started it up last night i was annoyed to find that my suspicion was correct, it's by the same company. So far it hasn't been quite as annoying, but i don't like this novel as much as the previous one. I'm very glad "The Puppet Masters" and "Double Star" weren't by the same company. Speaking of which, i wonder if they're going to come out with "The Door Into Summer," which i always considered to be from the same set as Puppet Masters and Double Star. I'd also be happy if they did some more of his jeuvenilles, particularly "Tunnel in the Sky," "Citizen of the Galaxy," "Red Planet," and "The Star Beast." Even if i had to suffer through more "Full Cast AUdio" productions to get them =P

Between the trip to and from the wedding and being sick last week and my normal reading progress i've gone through quite a lot of books recently. A Sharon Shinn book called "Wrapt in Crystal" which was pretty good (but still not quite as good as Summers at Castle Auborn =) Sheri S. Tepper's "The Visitor" (pretty average for one of her books, which is still pretty good) Nancy Kress' "Probability Sun" (which i didn't realize when i started was the second book in a series, damn it, but was still fairly good) "Empire of Bones" by someone named Liz Williams which wasn't bad but which didn't particularly impress me either, Charlaine Harris' "Club Dead" which was okay and Rebecca York's "Killing Moon" which was also okay but which i was hoping would be better since it featured werewolves rather than vampires. Oh, there was also Kim Harrison's "Dead Witch Walking" which had more of a SF/Fantasy universe to it so i enjoyed it more, even though it had less sex in it =) Hmmm, i wonder how long until the next Kelley Armstrong book comes out in paperback? And when am i going to be able to get "Dies the Fire" and "Radiant" damn it? =P

*checks amazon* Ooohh! May 31st for Kelley Armstrong it claims! Ack! September 6th for S.M. Stirling! And it doesn't even say for James Alan Gardner! *cries*

Okay, i think that's most of what i've been reading lately

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