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I was bad today, i downloaded the Serenity trailer :)

It looked pretty cool, but it also looked pretty stereotypically hollywood movie actiony. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, guess i'll have to wait till September and see. LA wasn't even one of the cities to get one of the preview showings for some strange reason, so i don't even need to feel bad for not having found about it in time to get tickets.

I did my best to not watch the trailer too intently so that hopefully i can vaguely forget about it. Of course i may very well run into again if i see any movies in theatres over the next few months.

I also stumbled across an article about the new Narnia movie today. Apparently it is being made by Disney, but they're making a big deal about how they're not Disneyfying it, which is good. The article also said it would be a challenge to "attract the spiritual-minded moviegoer without turning off the secular crowd." I'm glad they're at least claiming they're trying not to make it too religious. Of course i'm not sure how i'm going to feel about watching it regardless. When i watched the cartoon as a kid it was before i knew the mythology it was based on so i was blissfully unaware of the connection.

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