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randomness and coincidences

I should really be spending my weekends out seeing people, ideally meeting new people. Unfortunatly i don't know where to go to meet people, or how to actually meet people if i somehow ended up in such a place.

So instead, other than going out to get some food and buying some snacks, i spend my weekends at home reading and playing games and (when possible) talking to people online.

Like i said, i spent most of saturday asleep. I got up at 8ish today and read and poked at the net for awhile. I took a shower about noon and headed out to do stuff. I got gas and then stoped by the store to see if i could find any dark chocolate m&ms, but they didn't have any, so i continued on to Costco.

I got food first before heading in, and while waiting in line i noticed a cute girl a couple lines over. Of course she was with someone who i'm guessing was probably her boyfriend. After spending far too long in line i finally got my food and sat down. When i finished i got up to go and noticed that the couple had been sitting at a table behind me. I went inside Costco and looked at the candy isle and they had dark chocolate m&ms, but only in boxes of smaller bags, half of which were milk and half were dark. They also worked out to a little over 50 cents each, so i decided that wasn't worth it. I took a look at the DVDs and didn't find anything worth getting. I wandered around the rest of the store and found a few things i might have considered getting except that i didn't really want to wait in line. So after awhile i headed out and as i was doing so i noticed the same couple just finishing checking out as i walked by.

I figured i would go to Target to check for dark m&ms since it was nearby, and while i was there i could get some other snacks as well. As i pulled into the left turn lane to get into Target i looked in the rearview mirror and realized it was the same couple in the car behind me. I parked and went inside target and then ran into them again in the candy section. Unfortunatly they didn't have any dark m&ms there. So i grabbed a couple boxes of little debbies things and then went and looked around the checkout area where i finally found dark m&ms. I grabbed a couple bags and headed out.

I was vaguely thinking of going to Trader Joe's after that, but decided i had enough snacks already so i headed home.

Been spending the rest of the day reading and playing Dynasty Warriors 2 and writting LJ entries, with a break at 9ish to go to in-n-out. Should go to bed pretty soon.

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