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i sniped Liu Bei to death! :)

I played Yi Ling two or three times and kept getting my ass kicked. The third or fourth time i got my ass kicked but kept on playing anyways.

I'd go off to one area of the map and kill an enemy general or two, then my allies in some other part of the map would start getting their asses kicked so i would run off to help them and kill a few generals there. Then some other allies elsewhere would be in trouble, wash rinse, repeat.

Towards the end of this process i managed to take a detour back into enemy teritory to shut down the gates that were sending in reinforcements. Then i turned around and just started slowly chewing my way through the huge mass of enemy troops from the back forward. By the time i got back to the allied lines Guan Yu (i believe) had made his way around the map and was assaulting the home base, so i had to run back there to deal with him.

After finishing him off i realized there was almost no one left alive in the battle. My side had two generals (plus me of course) all in the home base, and Liu Bei had four or five generals all up in his corner. I didn't think i had much of a chance by myself but i figured i might as well try, so me and my bodyguards started treking across the map all by ourselves. There were two enemy gates left so we'd run forward for a bit, kill a squad, run forward for a bit again, etc. Took out the second to last enemy gate and one or two generals and got back into Liu Bei's home base. We killed one of his generals and then Liu Bei saw us and joined in the fight. I was a bit worried about fighting him with all the other troops around, so i ran past him to get to the last enemy gate in the corner.

I killed of the gate captain and then turned around expecting to see Lie Bei and his troops duking it out with my bodyguards. Instead my bodyguards had all followed me to the gate, and Lie Bei was standing there about a dozen passes off with his bodyguards, having apparently completly lost track of me. So i decided that before charging back in i should take out a few of his guards. So i switched to bow and started sniping. I killed off one guard but them the auto-target switched me to Lie Bei and before i realized it i'd shot him. I figured crap, now he's going to turn around and kill me, but he just staggered a bit and stood there ignoring me again. So i shot him again. And again. And again. And a few more agains and he fell over dead and i won :)

Hey Liu Bei, next time you're getting shot repeatedly in the back of the head, perhaps you should turn around and do something about it?

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