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I believe it was kirinn who was asking me awhile ago about what i thought the (potentially) interesting movies for this year are. Since i've got plans to see H2G2 tomorrow thanks to jmpava organizing a group trip i figured i should do this now before it moves out of the (potentially) category, given some of the negative reviews i've been hearing. (Said negative reviews which i have been seeking out in the attempt to lower my expectations before the event =)


Elektra - Jan 14 (could have been good, but i heard it wasn't. Though i know someone who might still be interested in watching it just for the actress =)
The Phantom of the Opera - Jan 21 (heard mixed things about it, but it certainly looks pretty. This was also on last year's list i believe =)
Constantine - Feb 16 (Not heard much about it. Looks like it could be pretty cool, also looks like it probably wasn't)
Robots - Mar 11 (Was funny and amusing but not great)
Steamboy - Mar 18 (Wait, that's out already? Damn. I heard second-hand that it's not so great, but hey, it's anime getting a somewhat mainstream release in america)
Sin City - Apr 1 (Heard it's supposed to be pretty good)
Kung Fu Hustle - Apr 8 (I think i remember hearing that this is pretty good)


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Apr 29 (Trailer looked great, reviews tend towards suckage. Not panicked yet)
Kingdom of Heaven - May 6 (The fact that it's about the crusades disturbed me at first, but i've been told it's not all "let's kill the infidels!" so there's some hope)
Madagascar - May 27 (Could be good comedy, could be the kind of comedy that just makes me wince, we'll see)
Howl's Moving Castle - June 10 (woot! more anime getting (i think) a box office release!)
Batman Begins - June 15 (Could be good, could suck. I wish they'd do a Batman Beyond movie though)
War of the Worlds - June 27th (sounds good in theory, not sure how the adapting to modern times bit will work out)
Fantastic Four - July 8 (I've heard some nasty comments about the trailer, but i didn't think it looked that bad)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - July 15 (another remake that could rock or suck)
The Island - July 22 ("A man goes on the run after he discovers that he is actually a "harvested being", and is being kept along with others in a utopian facility." Sounds like a pretty generi SF filmc, but hey, it might be good =)
The Brothers Grimm - July 29 (This was on last year's list too. the "could be cool"ness is based on nothing other than Terry Gilliam doing the directing)
3001 - Aug 5 (Okay, this actually looks like it will probably suck, but i'm wondering if it has any relation to "the Marching Morons")
Pride and Prejudice - Sept 23 (Actually i don't really care, but i'm sure some people i know might)

Serenity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Sept 30!!!!!!!!! (Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Curse of the Were-Rabbit Starring Wallace & Gromit - Oct 7 (Is this actually coming out to theatres?)
Beowulf & Grendel - Oct 10 (can't tell if this is a "real" movie or not, but if it is it might be interesting)
Doom - Oct 21 (Hey, it could be go... no, nevermind, it couldn't =)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Nov 18 (Wait, they've got another one coming out this year? I hadn't realized that)
Underworld: Evolution - Dec 2 (Ooooohhh! I want i want i want! *lusts*)
Chronicles of Narnia - Dec 9 (So the question is will it be any good, and will i be able to withstand the christian imagery now that i know what it is?)
Beowulf: Prince of the Geats - Dec 9 (What is this, year of the Beowulf? Even less details on this one than the other)
King Kong - Dec 14 (Actually i'm not that interested in it so far, i just want him to get it out of the way so he can (hopefully) start work on the Hobbit =)

Of course since in most cases i'm judging by title alone it's quite possible i missed some good ones, especially near the end of the year where (in some cases) the details are currently pretty sparse.

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