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i went back into bed and felt kinda okay, and then fell asleep again. When i woke up at 11:30 i felt a little better than that. Then i got up so i could IM jmpava and ask him to let my boss(s) know that i was sick and not coming in. I started feeling queasier as soon as i'd gotten up, and after typing one or two lines i had to run off to the bathroom to regurgitate some more, and recognize more of my lunch, and get more stuff stuck in my nose. ewww.

I'm trying to think of the last time i threw up. I remember once in high school, but i'm sure there has to one or two incidences between now and then, i think?

I went back to bed after that and have been feeling alternatly better and worse, but haven't thrown up again. It may help that i've probably already evicted at least 90% of the stuff in my stomach and haven't had anything to eat since this started except some water.

I really wish i wasn't sick. Not only is it annoying, but i hate missing work, especially when i'm not getting paid for it, especially when i don't actually get to do anything interesting with the time off. If i could find a way to take a day off every couple of weeks that would be great, but not if all i get to do is lie in bed feeling sick and maybe get a little reading done =P

Hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow morning.

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