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The lunches have gotten very predictable at work lately. For the past month or two almost every week has consisted of subway, el pollo loco, mexican, and chinese, with "salmon and fried fish" about half the time on friday, and papa john's pizza every other friday. This is kinda unfortunate since i don't really like the subway (they insist on putting jalepenos in all of their mass produced sandwiches) or el pollo loco (morna convinced me to try one of their actual resturants and it was resonably good, but again the mass produced stuff sucks.) Papa john's pizza on the other hand is the one thing i wish they _did_ have every week.

Unfortunatly this is an other week, and i'm not going to be at work tomorrow because i need to fly out of town for a wedding this weekend, so i'm going to miss the pizza :(

Oh, and Jewel is depressing, i should stop listening to her so much =P

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