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Got home late from dungeon friday night/saturday morning and got up at about 11 on saturday. Poked at the net and played some Dynasty Warriors 2 and read until 5ish at which point i took a shower and then headed off to Iyindo's party.

The party went pretty much like i expected. I didn't know most of the people there so i spent a lot of time standing around listening to the conversations going on around me. I headed home about 11:30 and got to bed at 1 or 2.

Got up sunday at 9ish I headed over to kialyn's about 1:30 for her last day in california get together thing. Helped her and a friend of hers make banana bread. Actually all i really did was help lick the bowl and clean dishes :) Sat around and talked with kialyn for awhile. Around 5:15 i was the last person left and she decided to kick me out despte the fact that she'd originally said it would be going till 7 =/

Came home and sat around doing nothing for awhile and then went out to Trader Joe's at 8 to get some snacks for work. Then sat around home doing some more nothing for awhile.

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