DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Randomness of the day:

Curiosity is like a Disney executive with a cattle prod.

My weekend:

Had dinner with kialyn and morna friday night. Morna had to go home after that but kialyn and i watched Earthsea. (We'd watched the Incredibles on tuesday but kialyn wasn't very impressed with it for some reason but was really interested in Earthsea.)

I'm not sure what to think of it, i noticed the screwed up racial statistics. In the books pretty much everyone was black or some other variant of dark skinned. In the movie there seemed to be one token black actor. They were also combining Wizard of Earthsea and the Tomb of Atuan and modified the story to match, which confused me for a bit.

Other than those blatant changes it wasn't too bad. They didn't go into the theory of magic too much but what bits they did have seemed to be right from what i can remember. I don't really remember the invasion of the wizard academy from the books, but maybe i just forgot that bit. All in all though it was a decent movie, especially for the price.

On saturday i spent the morning reading and playing games and got a call about 5ish from thegreatgonz saying some people were getting together for dinner and Red Dward down in their area, so i agreed to meet them at maggiedacatt's place for pizza. Unfortunatly after taking a shower and running into traffic on the 22 i was a little late, but i manged to catch them just as they were leaving and got directions to the pizza place. There was a 45ish minute wait when we got there so we wandered around for a bit and ended up at a Target store. DVDPlanet was just another block or two down but no one else was interested in going that far. I need to do some price comparisons and stop by there sometime soon.

We had dinner and headed back to the apartment and watced all of season 5, except for Contamination(?) which we'd watched a week or two earlier. We all headed off about 12:30 and i got home at 1:15 and read for a bit before going to bed.

Spent pretty much all of sunday reading and playing games and poking at the net. Nobody was interested in hanging out so i had nothing else to do. Snacked on easter candy for most of the day before finally heading to in-n-out in the evening for some real food. Pretty boring day all told.

I really need to work on my taxes this week. And call the pomona police department and find out what the hell happened to my ticket =P

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