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My net has been _really_ crappy today. I've gotten failed connections at least a dozen times over the period of two or three hours =P

I ought to look into the idea of getting DSL. Of course before i do that i need to figure out what i'm going for my living situation. I ought to be moving sometime within the next two or three months, but i'm not sure where. Somewhere closer to work obviously, but that doesn't really narrow it down much.

I also ought to get a new computer sometime within the next month, but i'm not sure if i should get it prebuilt, and if so from what company, or make my own. I'll _probably_ go with prebuilt, since i don't have huge gobs of freetime and because i tend to have bad luck with assembling hardware.

Unfortunatly that means it will probably cost quite a bit more. Not only will i be paying extra for the assembly and such, the prebuilt places never seem to offer the combination of components i really want. I'd like to get a reasonably high end graphics card but a somewhat low end processor. The high end processors are kind of a money suck i feel. However the computers that have the cheaper low end processors don't give you the option of a high end video card and vice versa. I'd like to get a decent computer for somewhere between $500 and $1000 but i'm not sure if that's possible if i want to get a good video card. I should do some research on exactly what i need for the games i'd like to play.

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