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So does anyone feel like hanging out friday night? Or should i go to dungeon again?

Finished up the second Southern Vampire Mysteries book and started in on Sharon Shinn's "Jenna Starborn." Finished up "Bimbos of the Death Sun" for audible and am partway through Ursula K. Le Guin's "Lathe of Heaven" now. I finally decided i should try doing something productive with audible and got a japanese language book for one of this months selections, i may try doing that one next, although i'm tempted both by Sharyn McCrumb's "Zombies of the Gene Pool" and Heinlein's "Double Star" which i also have on backlog.

The M&Ms are popular at work, well with jmpava and maggiedacatt at least. No one else seems particularly interested in them though =/

I'm going to be done with Disgaea "real soon now," and i should figure out what to play after that. I've been increasingly tempted by Master of Orion 2, but that would require cleaning off some hard drive space. Speaking of which, i should look into buying a new computer soon.

A group of us decided to order some pizza for lunch today and i'm just killing time till it shows up, which will hopefully be soon, i'm huuuuuuungry

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