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I am such a geek :)

Last friday i finally found out what happened to RPG Radio. His site got squated and it it took me awhile to find the new location because it wasn't the first page to show up in google. But now i know where it is again! *bounce* For anyone who likes RPG music and is too lazy to click the first link go to in winamp or something similar! *bounces some more*

On saturday i went to NIS America' online store and bought some Disgaea figures and the multimedia CD.

Also on friday i found out about the new Final Fantasy concert!!!!!!!! *BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE*!!!!! And this time they're going to have the Black Mages performing as well :)

So the tickets were supposed to go on sale March 21st, ie monday, ie today. I pointed out the page to jmpava and neonelephant since i was talking to them at the time and they're both into RPGs, and they both expressed interest in going. So i figured that going with other people would be fun and decided to do a group purchase. I was kind of interested in doing front section seats again, but they weren't really interested that much. I figured i'd already done it once, so not doing it again was worth the company.

So saturday i called up ticketmaster to try and get prices just in case the difference between normal and front section seats was pretty trivial. However not only did they not have prices, they didn't even know the concert existed. When i checked the ticketmaster site it had the name listed, but no timr, location, or any other information about it listed. (Obviously i know the time and location, but those are kinda a prerequisite for ticket master to be able to give me a price estimate i would figure)

So i checked the website again sunday and they still had no info on it, so i didn't even try calling.

This morning i got up a little early and did laundry and then tried calling ticketmaster. Got a recorded message saying they opened at nine =P They have some automated system to try and look up events for you but it sucks and it didn't seem to know about the concert either. Still no info on the webpage so i decided to wait till 9 and try calling again before i left for work.

So i talked to them at 9 and they _still_ hadn't heard about it. They did give me the number for the theatre i told them it was at, but when i called there they said they weren't open till 1pm =P So i gave up and went to work and didn't worry about it till lunch.

After the jamba juice run i mentioned earlier i checked the website again and they _finally_ had it listed. The tickets were $40, $55, or $90. I was even more tempted for front section seats since i think those prices are cheaper than last year, but jmpava and neonelephant still didn't want to do more than the $55. Then jmpava suggested that i should ask ceph if she was interested. It didn't seem like quite her thing but i poked at her about it. While i was waiting for her to answer jmpava brought up the subject of 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz. I hadn't thought about the fact that they might be interested, and even if i had they were out of town all weekend so i couldn't have asked them about it. So i decided to get them tickets as well and hope they're interested. Then ceph decided she would be interested but since we were now including non-work people i asked if she wanted to bring her SO along, which necesitated anotehr delay. When he didn't get back to her right away she finally decided that he would probably be interested, so the order was now for seven tickets.

However trying to get seven tickets off the website kept returning seats in the middle or back of the mid-priced section. I finally decided to try calling the box office to see if i could get the tickets without the exorbitant ticketmaster fees, and if that failed to call ticketmaster so i could at least get good seats.

So i went outside and tried calling the box office. I got a message saying their operators were available from 1 to 9 pm =P At the end of the message they said something about their operators being busy so i _guess_ there were actually people there but they just used the same message as for when there was noone there when all the lines were busy. However instead of putting me on hold they told me to call back later and hung up =P So then i tried calling ticketmaster and the the automated voice thingy. Since it still didn't comprehend what i was saying i got forwarded to a real human... and my cell phone lost connection. Well i think so at least, it didn't actually say it lost connection but the person stopped saying anything with no warning, so after a couple minutes of silence and no response i hung up. So i went up to the top of the garage where there was better reception and less traffic noise. I tried calling ticketmaster, busy, tried calling boxoffice, recorded message, repeat. Finally about twenty minutes after i'd started i got through again. It took a little bit to bully my way through the automated system but i finally got a person again.

They managed to find a group of seats together in row B of the 17th lodge, which is halfway between the center and the edge. There were also some seats in the front row of section 18 which was one section more towards the edge, but i decided that being one section closer to the middle was better than being one row closer to the front. Hopefully none of the others have strong feelings about the issue.

So i ended up spending a little over $470 for seven seats. Of course i should be getting money back from several of the people involved so it's not _that_ bad :)

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