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Weekend stuff


Jmpava organized a birthday party for maggiedacatt friday evening. I was giving jmpava a ride and we left work about 7. I finished up about 6 because i was worried about people leaving early on friday, so of course lots of people were staying there late =P So i killed some time on the net until he was ready to go.

We went down to maggiedacatt's place and then left there to meet everyone else at bucca de bepo at 8. Unfortunatly despite the fact we'd made reservations ahead of time they kept us sitting around forever. I think it was almost 9 by the time they seated us. Once we were seated though the service was fairly fast. Afterwards we all went back to the apartment and hung out for a bit. Since it had somehow come up in conversation during dinner we got out their Twin Peaks DVDs and skipped around on them until we managed to find one of the "red room" scenes. We thought about watching some eddie izzard but it was getting kind of late by that point so we just talked some more and played with the cats and stuff until people got tired and headed home.


I spent pretty much all of saturday sitting arounf the house. Between all the time spent hanging out with people last weekend and the previous evening i sorta didn't mind being alone all day. I finished off Charlaine Harris' "Dead Until Dark" which i'd started thursday or friday. It was pretty good, and despite Morna's comment earlier that it looked like a kids book or something like that there was pleanty of sex in it. Not as much as in Laurell K. Hamilton, but still a fair amount. After that i started Robert J. Sawyer's "Flashforward," and had almost finished it by that evening. I decided to take a break for dinner and go out to the Hat and get chili cheese fries since i hadn't had much to eat all day. I also decided that i wanted to see at least some people since i was started to get a little lonely so i figured i could stop by Border's on the way.

I went to Border's and looked for James Alan Gardner and S.M. Stirling first of couse :) Then i looked for the second "Southern Vampire Mystery" novels but couldn't find it in the horror section, so i went and checked the computer to see if they had it. Borders _really_ needs to work on their organization system.

Laurell K. Hamilton was in horror of course, and so is Kim Harrison. Charlaine Harris turned out to be in science fiction, which is also where Kelley Armstrong ended up. I'd been looking for Rebecca York earlier and found that she was in romance, along with Sherrilyn Kenyon who i was also thinking of checking out. I've only read three of those authors so far (Hamilton, Harris, and Armstrong) however from the blurbs and comments i've read on Amazon they're all pretty much identical type stories. Vampires and/or werewolves, usually in a modern setting, usually with more than the average amount of sex. Why have they been dispersed across three sections of the bookstore?

Anyways i got the second Charlaine Harris book and what is i think the first Rebecca York book. I thought about picking up a couple more books but then decided that only getting two would give me the excuse to come back later. :) I spent the rest of the evening reading, playing Disgaea, talking to Rahvina, and poking at OkCupid.


Got up around 10 and finished off "Flashforward," which i'd fallen alseep reading about twenty pages from the end. Played a little Disgaea and then checked out the webpage for the "sustainability seminar" that kialyn's co-op was doing this weekend and decided it looked interesting. I'd been meaning to go to Costco and Trader Joe's this weekend and decided that i had just enough time to do Costco before the first event i was interested in, so i rushed off to do that.

I had lunch there first of course :) Then went in intending to buy some lightbulbs and some M&Ms, however i made the mistake of looking through the DVD section and ended up walking away with about $100 worth of stuff =P I got the the Incredibles widscreen collectors edition, seasons 3 and 4 of Futurama, and some Sci-Fi channel special called "Earthesea," set in Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea world (who would have guessed? =) I can't tell if it's a general adaption of the world or a direct adaption of one of the books, but for just $12 i decided it was worth getting to find out :)

I went by the lightbulbs and found that there were no flourescent 3-way lightbulbs, so i got one set of the 100 watt equivalent flourescent lightbulbs and one pack of regular 3-way lightbulbs, and then got a large bag of M&Ms.

After that i went to regen and and got to kialyn's presentation just a little late, then went to athe talk on solar panels, the talk on conscientious objection and the talk about computer privacy. I hung out after the talks for the dinner and raffle until kialyn decided she was going to bed at which point i decided to head home. By that point i figured i didn't really feel like heading to Trader Joe's anymore. I've got the M&Ms to snack on at work and i'll have to figure out something to have for breakfast other than balance bars till next weekend.

When i got home i decided to try out the large flourescent lightbulbs to see if they'd work in the lamp. In the process of attempting to screw one in i found out what the problem was. The socket was too narrow for the base of the bulb. I hadn't noticed with the smaller flourescent because it could screw in about two or three rotations before it got too tight so i thought i'd actually screwed it in all the way, but the next size up was too big even for that so it was obvious what the problem was. There's a round plastic bit that is used to hold the bowl part of the lamp down which was getting in the way and once i took that out both the small and light bulbs fit fine and worked. Yay! The bowl thing will just sit on the base and is fairly stable without the plastic bit holding it in so i've currently got it sitting on top with the large light bulb screwed in. In case of earthquake or the lamp somehow getting knocked over the shade is going to decapitate the bulb, which is too large to fit through the opening, and cause all kinds of unpleasantness so i'm not sure if i should keep it like this or use one of the incandescent bulbs i got after all.

I also checked DVDPlanet for the prices of the DVDs i got at costco and found that i'd gotten a good deal in every case, although just of one dollar for the case of Incredibles. Saved $3 on Earthsea and $7.50 on each of the Futurama boxed sets. Costco is cool :)

So my living room is much brighter now, and i've got lots of new DVDs to watch if i can find someone to watch them with.

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