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do snails like grass?

Since i normally leave early on tuesdays and have double the reason to do so this week i frequently try to work a little extra if possible on mondays to make up for it. People were stayed pretty late tonight so i managed to get nine hours and fifteen minutes despite not having gotten in till almost 10.

On my way out i found a snail in the middle of the walkway to the garage. The only other person likely to be coming by anytime soon was jmpava, who was a little ways behind me, but i still worried about it getting crushed somehow. So i poked at him a bit and picked him up and was going to put him on the grass when i suddenly thought, do snails like grass? I mean, i'm sure they're happy to eat it, at least if they can't find anything tastier to munch on, but do they like being on top of it? I would expect that normally they crawl around on the ground at the bottom of the grass. I'm pretty sure he would have been okay anyways but i put him down on the edge of the concrete divider thing instead, right next to the grass and facing in that direction. I hope he's doing okay.

On a completly different topic, isn't exercise supposed to get easier after awhile? I've been doing it pretty regularly for two or three weeks now and still haven't noticed any difference. I'm not expecting to develop noticeable muscles or anything like that given how little i'm doing, but i thought that at least the process of going through it would lighten up after awhile.

Oh, and i just finished up Philip K. Dick's Galactic Pot-Healer on audiobook. It was pretty good, it was Philip K. Dick after all, but it had kinda a depressing ending. (It was by Philip K. Dick after all =) Trying to decide what to listen to next. Maybe Heinlein's The Puppet Masters.

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