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Yet another post where i talk about completly random things that i meant to post about at some point earlier but put off/forgot/whatever.

Microsoft sucks. Since switching over to Visual Studio .Net i've been annoyed by a couple small things. The first is that i don't like being able to windowize the files so i can have two of them sitting next to each other, at least not without creating more panes which is annoying. I do appreciate the tab bar along the top which makes it easy to skip from one file to another, hiwever after awhile i noticed that tabs were disapearing. You can click and drag the tabs to change their order which is really cool. I wish you could do that in Firefox. I wish you could do that with the taskbar in windows. So i usually organize the tab bar so the files i'm using the most are on the left, however after awhile i'll want to look at or make a change to one of them and i won't be able to find it. I'll jump to it in the file list thing on the left and double-click on it and it will show up on the tab bar on the far right, meaning it had been closed and was just reopened. I then have to drag it all the way back to the left if i want it in order again, which is a pain because my tab bar is usually two or three pages long.

So anyways i complained outloud about this (well, on IM technically i think) and my coworkers got curious and were poking at it (and ceph managed to make a pane pun, it was really painfull =) and then neonelephant found that there was a selector in the options menu to choose between tabs and "MDI" something. When we tried it we found that it did exactly what i wanted. Two minor problems though. First, you need to shut down Visual Studio and restart before it takes effect, which is kind of an annoyance. More importantly they made it a _choice_> You turn on the windows, the tabs go away. WHY????!?

My big problem with windowed view is that i tend to lose windows under piles of other windows, a tab bar would be great for making the window i was looking for pop to the top! As already discussed my problem with the defualt tab view is that you can only see one file at the time, which a windowed version would obviosuly solve! If they let you have both options at once it would be PERFECT! But no, that would be too good for us! What the hell were you thinking Microsoft?

And in further annoyance shortly after that i was trying to look up some info on one of the CryptoAPI functions. The SDK said there was an example showing the use of that function and provided a link. I followed the link and found an example with a list of functions it used, including the one i was interested in, followed by the sample code. One problem though, the function wasn't actually used in the code!! I actually clicked on the "was this example helpfull" link and complained about it. I got an email back from them today thanking me for pointing it out and saying they'll fix it in a later version =P

I think i forgot to mention earlier that there was a cute girl at the register at Borders on sunday, and she actually talked to me some! :) After the usual "did you find everything okay" (to which i mentioned that they had zero Martha Wells books) she commented about how slow it was today, and it probably had to do with people being home watching the Oscars, to which my repsonse was, "oh, that's this weekend isn't it?" since i'd completly forgotten about them =P She then said that the same thing happened during the superbowl which she thought was kind of weird, and i agreed that it didn't seem like there'd be such a huge overlap between people who hang out at borders and people who watch the superbowl. And then someone else showed up with something to buy so i had to wander off. Okay, it's a pretty lame excuse for a conversation, but it was nice. Of course it would have been better if she hadn't been someone who was being paid to be nice to me =P

Last week i managed to get a first post on Slashdot completly by accident :) I happened to refresh just as a review of the Dear Friends concert popped up on the games section. I'd just been reading the GamesAreFun review earlier in the week and i decided they deserved a promotion, so i posted a quick link and when it reloaded there were only two comments on the article and mine was on top, and it ended up getting a +4 informative as well :) Of course it helped a lot that it was in the games section, there only ended up being a few dozen posts total i think.

I'm sure there was something else i was meaning to say, but i can't remember it now. Guess it will jjust have to go in the next random post.

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