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This has been a pretty depressing week, mostly for no good reason. The weekend would have been even more depressing if Morna hadn't decided to hang out with me on saturday and Kialyn hadn't decided to hang out with me today. I also bought lots of stuff, and about half of it was stuff i actuallyneeded and not i'm depressed and want fun things to make me happy stuff.

Morna and the farmer's market:

Morna IMed me friday evening and said there was a farmer's market in Pomona saturday mornings and asked if i was interested in going with her, which of course i was. We agreed to leave from my place sometime after 9 and i told her to give me a call when she was heading over. I got woken up by her calling at 9:15 (yay!) and was mostly ready to go by the time she got over. We drove down to the market and looked around. It was pretty small (of course i tend to mentally compare such things to Pike Place Market, which is probably unfair =) but had some interesting stuff. We got some pastries from a stand set up by some french bakery, then wandered around some more and then got some tamales from a place selling fresh and frozen tamales. We got a beef one and a cheese with chilis one, but they had some more unusual flavors which we may want to try if we go there again in the future. The pineapple tamale being the most bizare/interesting of the selections :)

Morna bought some vegetables but i decided not to get anything this time and we went back to my apartment and watched Glorious before she headed home. I spent the rest of the day sitting around playing video games and talking to people on IM whenever they showed up.

Kialyn and buying usefull stuff:

I planned to get some chores done today, but got off to a rather slow start this morning, Paid my electric and phone bill online, poked at my bank account and was annoyed to find that for some reason they've stopped printing the running balance on the details of my credit card account =P

Just about the time i was going to hop into the shower Kialyn showed up on IM so i poked at her. She said she was interested in doing lunch at 2 so i ran off to shower and then do as many of my other chores as i could fit in. I went by staples and got envelopes and notepads, and then decided to get one of the standing incandescent light things since they had them in stock. Since i was heading in that direction i decided to stop and get gas, and while it was filling i put on my new llicense tabs, so yay, i'm legal again :) Then went to Albertsons to get kitty litter and Wisk, except i found they didn't have Wisk =P They had a few bottles of the liquid stuff but none of the powder stuff i normally get. Since i had planned to go to Target anyway i decided to check there rather than try to find something else, but when i got there i found Target didn't have _any_ Wisk at all! They had a shelf for the bottled stuff but it was empty. I looked around at the other stuff but couldn't find anything else that was "Free and Clear." I'd also been intending to get a small scale thing, one that could measure down to about a gram. However when i found what i was looking for they had two kinds, a mechanical one and an electrical one. The mechanical one looked like you'd be lucky to get an accuracy of about five or ten grams. The electrical one might have been better, but they were all out of those so i couldn't tell and decided to get nothing, so the trip to Target was a wash.

So i came back to the apartment and changed the cat litter and took out the trash and then it was 2, so went off to pick up Kialyn. We went and had lunch at Chili's and then i drove her about so she could find someplace where she could print out some resumes and an application and stuff for her interview tomorrow (good luck!)

So after dropping Kialyn off i came back home and trued to set up my new lamp, and it doesn't seem to work :( I put it together and put in a bulb and turned it on and nothing happened. I tried fiddling with the switch, i tried plugging it into a different outlet, nothing. The problem might be that i put a flourescent bulb in, but they're supposed to be work in any incandescent socket. It might be that the bulb isn't "3-way," not that i'm sure what that means. It might be that i put in a 60 watt equivalent and the thing is designed for 150 watt bulbs, but it says 150 watts _max_, and doesn't list a minimum. Or it may just be broken. In any case, i'm annoyed.

So after that i decided i wanted to go buy some books. I'd actually decided this earlier in the day and then remembered i had a $25 gift certificate from Rahvina and Sarisa for Barnes & Noble (yay! thank you!) I'd gotten distracted by hanging out with Kialyn but decided i still had enough time to do that.

Buying lots of books:

So i checked the web and found that Barnes & Noble closes at 8 on sunday. It was 6 something at the time so i poked around on amazon to find some books to buy. Kelley Armstrong and Robin McKinley had kinda gotten me on the supernatural kick again, so i looked up some stuff in that category. Of course i was also hoping that the James Alan Gardner and S.M. Stirling books were out in paperback now, and wanted to get the second book in the series by Martha Wells that i'm currently reading. I headed out a little after 7 and got there about 7:20.

Unfortunatly the local Barnes & Noble has a really crappy SF selection and i couldn't find any of the books i really wanted, so i just got lots of porn, er, i mean vampire novels :) Actually i would have prefered werewolf (and werekitty =) books to vampire books, but there's just not as many of those out there. Kelley Armstrong really ought to get off the witch thing and get back to the werewolves :) Got some collection of short stories headlined by Laurell K. Hamilton, and the first (i think) book in the "Southern Vampire Novels" by Charlaine Harris, and decided to skip over some series of vampire books by someone named Kim Harrison. Apparently if you're a girl whose last name starts with 'H' you're destined to write vampire porn i guess :) Got some book about vampiric aliens invading the earth which doesn't look very porn like (and may or may not even be any good, but i decided to risk it since i was using a gift card) and a newish book by Nancy Kress., and it all came out to a little under $30.

Of course since i hadn't gotten the books i actually wanted i decided to go by Borders, which it turns out is open at least an hour later, and blew almost $60 there :) Unforutnatly the one thing they didn't have which i had expected them to was the Martha Wells book! =P

I got a new copy of Jane Lindskold's "Through Wolf's Eyes" because i've been looking for my old copy forever and never found it (of course it should pop up now) Larry Niven's "Ringworld Engineers" since audible doesn't have it, "FlashForward" by Robert J. Sawyer, "Omega" by Jack McDevitt, "Revelation Space" by Alastair Reynolds, and two books by Sharon Shinn, "Jenna Starborn" and Wrapt in Crystal." I'm hoping at least one of them is as sweet and romantic as "Summers at Castle Auborn," although that's really a kind of masochistic wish.

Of course i _still_ need to find a copy of Martha Wells' "Ships of the Air," the question is if i want to make sure to do so before i finish the first book in the series, or if i should take a break to read some of the other new stuff stuff before i worry about it.

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