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bad puns and the utter failure of the mind/marketing interface

One of the things that can cause you to have a stroke is if the artery in your neck gets clogged up, making the passage smaller and thereby reducing blood flow to the brain. In other words, it's a problem with your garroted artery.


Oh, wait, i wasn't done yet. After that i was thinking about laundry detergent, because of the conversation with akiko about skin stuff. I was thinking i should try to buy some more Wisk just to reduce the number of variables involved in attempting to see what the problem is (if it's anything discrete at least) But anyways while thinking about that my brain suddenly decided to start singing a commercial jingle at me "You're not full clean unless you're Wisk-fully clean," which was kind of annoying. After yelling at my brain to shut up for a few seconds i suddenly thougt, "wait, 'wisk-fully clean'? That doesn't make any sense!"

So i checked the net a bit later, and according to google it's _zest_-fully clean, a bar soap brand. Not only the wrong brand, but also the wrong _product_ as well. I mean, they're both kinda personal hygiene (does cleaning your clothes count as personal hygiene? or is it something else?) and you might even find them on the same aisle at the supermarket i suppose, but not the same thing at all! So although whoever owns Zest has apparently managed to infect me with their marketing meme, they failed to actually manage to attach their product to said meme, leaving it to roam free and untamed and cause random havoc in my brain =P

*hides again, just for good measure*

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