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Got up late again today =P I went to bed about 11, why did i have so much difficulty getting up at 6:30ish? Hit snooze until 7 or so, got up slowly, poked at computer slowly, took shower slowly.

Started heading out of the house about 9:05 or 9:10, and suddenly remembered that i'd been planning to go by the score. I decided to screw the time and went anyways. I got some snacks for home and then went to the pop section to get what i was primarily looking for, diet coke to keep me awake at work. I got the diet coke and then decided to get some diet root beer for home. However they didn't have any. Not in the 12 packs at least. They had a spot that would hold about four cases, and it was completly empty, just like the last four or five times i've checked =P

When i was checking out i asked when they restocked the diet root beer and they said every day, and i said well i'd tried coming by both in the morning and in the evening and it was never there, and they said they'd check on it. I said i didn't have time to wait around and they said that was fine, they were just going to check on something or other which i didn't really catch, so i said thanks and left.

I got to work about 10:20 i think, pretty good time considering when i left. Had a can of diet coke in the morning, and then was bad when we went to subway for lunch and got the meal. Mainly for the cookies, but for some reason i also like pop from machines a bit better than pop from cans, at least when they've got the mix right.

I don't know if it was the help of the caffeine or what, but i think i probably got at least as much stuff done today as i had the previous two days.

I left about 7:30 and when i got home i decided to stop by the store to see if they'd restocked the diet root beer, since i still didn't have anything to drink at home. I don't know id it was because of me complaining that morning or if my luck had just finally turned, but three out of the four possible cases were on the shelf, so i grabbed them all :)

I need to make sure i get up earlier tomorrow, since i'm supposed to be heading home at a reasonable time to meet Morna, just wish i knew how to do that =P

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