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"Nine Deaths Blamed on Killer Calif. Storms"

The story isn't really that important (haven't actually read it myself) i was just amused by the headline because it immediatly caused me to think "i guess weather phenomenon don't get due process." You just blame them for one or more deaths and they're instantly "killer" whatever without having to go through the courts or anything.

So i figure this same process can be applied to other inanimate things. (Okay, the weather isn't inanimate (is it?) but same general idea.)

I hearby blame my computer for a death. I don't really know what death, but it could very well have been responsible for some death sometime somewhere. Maybe some of the chemicals leaked out of whatever plant it was constructed in, in whatever part of asia that most likely was, and gave someone cancer and they died. It doesn't really matter though, i'm blaming it, and it doesn't have the recourse of the courts.

Therefore, i have a killer computer :)

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