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My iRock thing seems to be working pretty well. Occasionaly there's a little interference, i think when i'm driving through an area that actually has a station on the band i'm using, but it's not too bad. The one difficulty is that when i turn my car off, i can't hear it anymore, but the mp3 player is still going. So i either need to remember to stop it _before_ i turn the car off, or i need to spend time rewinding to hear what i missed, and the rewind function on this mp3 player really sucks =P

And in other news, my body isn't in too good of shape this week =P

First and most annoying is that i'm back up to 170 pounds again =P I don't really understand it, i haven't been eating _that_ much recently, and i've even been getting a little bit of exercise for the past four or five days. (Not really enough to build muscle though, so no one even bother starting in on the "maybe it's muscle" routine =P)

My body also seems to be accumulating a truely random assortment of minor problems.

I've got four or five small cuts on my hands, presumably from "playing" with cassie.

My legs and sides and back have all been itchy for the past two weeks or so. My left side has been itchier than the rest, and then recently i noticed that the skin in a roughly palm sized patch was getting rough and pink and bumpy, and i can't figure out what the problem is. Did the skin get messed up cause i was scratching there so much? Or was i scratching there so much because it was going through the initial phases of becoming messed up? I don't have any allergies that i know of, and even if i did i don't know how i could have got whatever it was to just that one small section of skin.

Speaking of chicken and egg issues, i've currently got _four_ canker sores =P I managed to bite the inside of my lip _twice_, once on each side. I _think_ it was the biting that caused the canker sores, and not the swelling from iminent canker sores that caused me to bite my lip, because in both places i apparently managed to catch a big enough fold of tissue such that there are two vertically aligned matching sores =P _And_ since they were caused by me biting my lip it means they're in a prime location for rubbing up against my teeth and hurting =P

I've also got a bruise on my chin. A small oval bruise right in the center. Luckily it's not very dark (and may even have lightened up a little since i noticed it last night) but i have no clue how it could have gotten there. It looks a little like someone mistook my head for pool ball and assaulted me with the point of a pool que, but i'm sure i would have remembered something like that =P

I think i also have a bruise on my left elbow. At least it hurts when i lean on it, but i can't really see if there's actually a bruise there or not since my elbows are normally kinda pinky-purple, and it's hard to look at your own elbow anyways.

Hopefully whatever malign influence is causing all this will cease pretty soon, and my body can get back to normal. Except for the weight thing of course, which is always a problem =P

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