DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So, clubbing was wonderful on friday :)

Short version:

Got hugs from two and a half cute girls.

Got to dance with two cute girls. (both of whom are _much_ better dancers than me =P) And a guy, who may or may not be cute, i'm not really in a position to say or care.

Got to snuggle with one cute girl.

And of course got to talk with various people, or at least as much as one can hold a conversation in a club.

Longer version:

Traffic must have been slower than normal or something friday evening. Thursday i left work at 6:40 and got home about 7:50 or 8. Friday i left work at 5:40 and got home about 7:45, which would seem to indicate that leaving an hour early gets me home five or ten minutes earlier =P

I picked kialyn up and she decided we had enough time to go to Chili's if we hurried. We got there at 8 and they said it was a 15 minute wait, so we decided to go for it. I decided to try the lettuce wraps since i wasn't too hungry. They're strange. The idea that they're chicken and stuff wrapped in lettuce is adequately conveyed by the name and description. What doesn't come across quite so clearly is that they just give you several big leaves of lettuce and expect you to do the wrapping yourself. It sounds kina cool in theory, but it practice it's a mess. Kialyn pointed out that she had fajitas so hers was kinda messy too, however tortiallas have a regular shape, if they're properly cooked they roll well, and they (should at least) have a reasonable amount of structural integreity. Lettuce has none of those qualities. These issues are compounded by the fact that they give you two cups of sauce you can put in the warps, one of peanut sauce and one of some kind of seaseme dressing. I liked the seaseme dressing a lot better, but it was a lot runnier which meant it could escape much easier through the cracks in the lettuce and out the ends.

We finished that off and headed back to my apartment. Kialyn was already dressed so i washed up and changed. I wasn't sure if i wanted to wear my mesh shirt or not, so i tried it on for her and she was kind of non-commital in her answer. She finally said i looked good in both, so i gave up and decided to stick with the mesh shirt. We ended up leaving about 9:30, a little later than intended but not too bad.

While we were on the 210 W we noticed a pretty huge amount of traffic going in the other direction. I remembered that this is a threeday weekend for some people (the bastards!) and theorized that a lot of people were heading out to las vegas, which might have accounted for some of my earlier traffic problems as well.

We took a slightly new route from what i did the last few times and took the 2 down to the 101. We parked about a block from the club just before 10:30 and made it in with about five mintues to spare for the $5 pass. We wandered around and didn't see anyone so went back to the front room to wait. A few minutes later donnaprizm showed up and said ceph was right behind her and then wandered off to hang out with her friends, and a minute or two later ceph and jmpava showed up.

So we finished giving jmpava the same tour i'd just given kialyn, then stood and talked for a bit. After awhile ceph and i started getting twitchy so we all decided to go out to the dance floor. After awhile of dancing someone or other decided to take a break so we wandered off again. We repeated this cycle about two more times during the night. Spent most of the evening with kialyn and sometimes with ceph and/or jmpava as well. Kilayn decided she was getting tired around 12:30. We spent a little while more just standing around and talking with people after that and then headed out right before 1.

Kialyn said she thought it was cool and would be interested in doing it again sometime, so i may have company there more often now :) *bounce*

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