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Shopping and stuff

*looks back at last day's worth of entries*

Meep! I seem to have turned into sithjawa! ;) *ducks*

Of course maybe that explains why sithjawa is the only person who's been able to keep up and leave any comments, so i probably shouldn't tease her :)

Anyways, i'll try to be more condense for the rest of today, and then work should cure the problem on monday :)


I got a woo from someone on okcupid! *bounce* However it happens to be from someone in New Zeland =P

Perhaps i should take a hint from that and start sending woos to people in other countries. I _might_ be able to convince my brain that it doesn't really matter if someone thousands of miles away hates me or not. Eventually i might even work my way up to sending actual messages to people on the same continent as myself :)


I've figured out that i'm more likely to get exercise if i tell myself to do it before taking a shower rather than after, i'm not really sure why it works that way.

Of course i don't know if that's a long term solution or not. I'm pretty good about sticking to any exercise/diet/whatever for about three days, and then it all falls apart =P


Took a shower and talked to people on IM for a bit this morning, and then decided i should really go do the chores i'd been thinking about since it was still fairly nice outside.

The first order of buisness was to go to Radio Shack to buy a new phone cord. My internet keeps dying on a pretty regular basis, and i'm not sure if it's because of the provider (earthlink) my modem, or my phone cord. I know my modem crashes my computer fairly often (at least according the the microsoft diagnostic program) but i don't _think_ it's causing the disconects. The tab on the phone cord is kind of broken so i need to make sure it stays pushed in all the way, and i know a few of the disconnects are from her tripping over the cord, but it seems unlikely that _all_ the disconects are from that. However i figured i might as well get a new phone cord and see how much that helps out.

I think what i have right now is a 25' cord, which works pretty well, but it would be a bit more out of the way and less likely for cassie or anyone else to trip over if it just had another few feet of slack so i could tuck it away. However when i got to radio shack i found that the cords come in only three sizes, 12', 25' and 50' =P After staring at the shelf for awhile, hoping a 30' cord would magically appear in front of me, i gave up and got the 50' cord. I considered getting a 12' and a 25' and a connector, but checking the prices quickly made it apparent that that would not be an idea solution.

I figured as long as i was there i might as well look at what else they had, particularly i've been thinking about getting one of those short range radio broadcasters that you can use to send music (or whatever) to your car's stereo. While i was looking around one of the store people asked if they could help me with anything so i said yes, and described what i was looking for. Obviously i didn't do a very good job because she said "i don't think we have anything like that. the closest we've got is this," and handed me exactly what i was looking for =P

They actually had two versions, a $30 model from "iRock," who i'd heard of through Audible before, and a $45 or $50 model from Monster, who i've heard only bad things about. Basically that they overcharge for cables that aren't really that special, and usually with tie-in complaints about the staff at Best Buy trying to push them on everybody =P Speaking of which, another staff person walked up at that point and said that i would get better sound quality on the Monster version and i scoffed. I did look at the back of both packages to see if there were any important differences. The Monster one boasted 8 channels to choose from rather than 4, and was slightly smaller, neither of which seemed very important to me. However the iRock one allowed you to use either the cigarette lighter thing with a plugin _or_ to use two AAA batteries, and the Monster one didn't say anything about batteries. So i decided there was no compelling reason to go with the Monster and got the iRock.

Next i headed over to the mall. I decided to take the 10 and discovered that the east-bound Monte Vista offramp sucks in any kind of traffic =P

I wanted to get another mini-swiss army knife since my last one disapeared. I'd checked the swiss army website and they said the one i wanted was $16, and when i looked up retailers it listed three in the mall, Robinson's May, Nordstrom, and Sears. I went to Robinson's May first, just out of habit. I asked someone if they had pocket knives and they said i should ask the men's department. I wandered over to the area that sells men's clothes and asked there and they said they didn't think they carried them anymore. Next i tried going by Sears, and when i asked they said they sold them in the watch department (which is weird, but agreed with what the website said) and told me where that was. They had what i was looking for, but for $23, although they were marked off 10% so only about $21 =P

I decided to go check out Nordstrom's first before paying $5 more than the website claimed it was worth, but when i got to Nordstrom's they said they carried Swiss Army stuff, but not the pocket knives =P I decided to give up and go back to Sears, but on the way i stopped at GameStop and Hot Topic. Didn't find anything particularly cool at GameStop (well, not that i was desperate to buy right then) but found that Hot Topic had a lot of new shirts :) I ended up getting a cool new Thundercats shirt, and an Autobot shirt that has the symbol kind of... decayed sorta. Looks kinda like someone took a steel autobot symbol and left it out to get kinda rusty and mossy, sorta. But anyways, it's cool. I stopped by the CD area and found that they had the Metropolis 2004 demo CD *bounce* so i got that as well.

Got back to Sears and while i was on my way up the escalator my phone started buzzing. I pulled it out and it said i'd missed a call from Kialyn, so i stopped at the next floor and called her back. She said she had an interviewy thing or something scheduled with a co-op in LA (or thereabouts somewhere, i haven't gotten the exact details yet) and was wondering if i could give her a ride, so i said of course and she said we'd need to leave about 7:45 or 8 and she'd call me back with the rest of the details later.

I continued on back to the watch department bought the knife and headed outside. When i got there i found that the rain had started up again. A lot. I ran out to my car and then sat inside drying out a bit while i tried to open up my new CD so i could listen to it. After failing to open it with my fingernails for about a minute i said hey, i just bought a pocket knife! and got that out :)

I drove home and since it was still raining pretty heavily when i got here i decided to stay inside the car for a few minutes and play with my new audio thing and maybe the rain would die down a little. I tried to open up the stupid hard plastic shell by hand but it resisted, so i pulled out my pocket knife again. Seems kinda a mean thing to inflict on my shiney new pocket knife so soon though, going to make the blade all dull and unhappy =/

Since the AAA batteries were inside the apartment i just plugged it into the car, and it seemed to work pretty well :) Should be a lot better than either the headphones or the mini-boombox thing. I need to decided what to do about the batteries though. Plugging it into the car is certainly easier than trying to keep it fed with batteries all the time (though i'll need to worry about that for the mp3 player in any case) but it's kind of akward just hanging there where it is now when plugged in.

Anyways, i should go hook up my new phone cord and then think about dinner since i don't know if Kialyn is going to eat on her own before i pick her up or not.

And for some reason my back has decided it should be all tense and sore today, maybe from the dancing but i can't really figure why that would be. Perhaps i can coerce Kialyn into giving me a backrub in exchange for the ride :)

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