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The only downside to having lots of fun at Dungeon is that it can make saturday seem kind of a let down by comparison.

Don't really want to be by myself at home, but everyone i've poked at about hanging out is either busy or not answering. There's not even anyone online to talk to.

I thought about going out to get some food, but decided to use my laziness to save some money and convinced myself it was too much work and made food at home. I would say that i used my laziness to eat healthier, except that i had a peanut butter sandwich and some carrots, which was healthy right up until i poured balsamic vinagrette and parmesan cheese all over the carrots :)

Could watch a movie or something, but... i don't know, i think i've gotten too used to watching movies with people. Seems kinda depressing to do alone now. Leveled up a little in Disgaea but don't feel like too much more of that. Could start a new game like Xenosaga or Tales of Symphonia, but... eh.

Guess i'll go curl up in bed and read. Maybe i'll be able to fall asleep.

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