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Um, yeah, those things are cute in theory, but pretty damn illegible in practice. I figured i'd grab one though just so i could see how the code works :)

Leora posted one and it took me awhile to figure out what she was actually posting about (hint, the icon in front of the name is different from usual =) but she didn't post where she got it from, luckily rigel posted about it as well, and she provided the URL


Hmmm, just increasing the size _does_ blow it up, but in this case obviosuly just scales the original image. I'll have to try making my own super-sized image...

Which works! Now i just need to figure out what image i want to make and upload it to somewhere acccessible. Of course, how often am i going to need to make a reference to myself anyways? :)

Okay, should go take shower now and head off to work.

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