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Did the usual hang out thing with Morna tonight. We planned to meet at the Chili's on Foothill, and it took me almost till 8 to get there cause of the lousy traffic, likely due at least in part to the light rain. After dinner we went back to my apartment to watch tv and talk and trade backrubs, as usual.

It seems there is going to be quite a large group of people at Dungeon tomorrow night. Ceph is going to be there with apparently quite a large contingent of the Hollywood crowd, and Jmpava is thinking about going along too. I'm heading back to Pomona so i can pick Kialyn up and drive her out there, and several of her SOs will be meeting us there as well. I told Sithjawa about it but she said she's dead and needs to work :(

So on the plus side there will be lots of people there who i have at least some social connection with. On the minus side it seems quite possible that the group has scaled up into the socially overwhelming/neglectfull range.

In any case i should really get to bed. I need to get to work about 8:30 tomorrow if i want to head home at the time i was planning.

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