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I didn't manage to stay late last night, but i did at least get 8 hours in. I was kind of worrying about that when everyone started leaving about 6 =P

I actually got to bed at a reasonable hour last night (if you count 11 as reasonable) and got up about 5:30 (if you count hitting snooze from 5:30 to 6 as getting up =) and did laundry. Ended up leaving for work about 8:30 and got here at 9:45, so i should hopefully be able to make up a little time if i cut my lunch short.

For some reason the Kissy Kissy song was stuck in my head all morning. For the few moments when i managed to pry it out Butterfly immediatly charged into the gap. I suspect if i had managed to dislodge that Bumble Bee would have been waiting in the wings to take its place :) Of course once i got into work since i still had the songs in my head so i decided to listen to them some more. On repeat. Again. I wonder how they got stuck in my head in the first place? O=)

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